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QR templates
16 professional QR code templates are ready to go, making it easy to get started
Rest assured that your information is safe with us. We never store data you don't explicitly choose to save
Highly customizable
Make QR codes that perfectly suit your purpose with custom colors, logos, and more
Shortened URLs
Shorten URLs for seamless sharing on social media and mobile devices with our built-in URL shortener
Efficiently categorize and manage your QR codes and barcodes for maximum efficiency
Custom domains
Connect your own domain for a polished, professional QR code campaign

Static QR codes

Static QR codes are a reliable way to share fixed information that doesn't require updates or tracking. They're perfect for sharing a website URL, contact details, or a simple message.

  • Tailor your QR code's style, colors, and logo.
  • Share freely, unlimited scans allowed.
  • Your scans, your data. We don't track.

Dynamic QR codes

Dynamic QR codes for links, allow you to change the destination of the QR code on-the-fly, whenever you want. It combines multiple technologies to make this happen in the background with the help of our Links tool.

  • Gain deep insights with detailed scan statistics
  • Update your QR code's destination link on the fly
  • Schedule, expire, A/B test, and password-protect
  • Unlock advanced features for truly dynamic campaigns
  • Target your audience by country, device, and language

What type of QR Codes I can create for free?

At RapidQR, we provide both types of QR code generation for free. Our Static QR Codes are completely free and never expire. Once generated, it’s yours forever. With our dynamic QR codes, you can create, change, and track them for free.


Your Complete Barcode Generator Solution

Streamline your inventory, labeling, and tracking processes with our powerful barcode generator.


Generate C32 barcode


Generate C39 barcode


Generate C39+ barcode


Generate C39E barcode


Generate C39E+ barcode


Generate C93 barcode


Generate S25 barcode


Generate S25+ barcode


Generate I25 barcode


Generate I25+ barcode


Generate ITF14 barcode


Generate C128 barcode


Generate C128A barcode


Generate C128B barcode


Generate C128C barcode


Generate EAN2 barcode


Generate EAN5 barcode


Generate EAN8 barcode


Generate EAN13 barcode


Generate UPCA barcode


Generate UPCE barcode


Generate MSI barcode


Generate MSI+ barcode


Generate POSTNET barcode


Generate PLANET barcode


Generate TELEPENALPHA barcode


Generate TELEPENNUMERIC barcode


Generate RMS4CC barcode


Generate KIX barcode


Generate IMB barcode


Generate CODABAR barcode


Generate CODE11 barcode


Generate PHARMA barcode


Generate PHARMA2T barcode

Skip the app store – our links launch your app directly

Our links intelligently detect the user's app and open it on mobile for a smooth experience.


Tracking pixels

All the links easily integrate with any of the following pixel providers

Google Analytics
Google Tag Manager

Here's what people are saying

Emily R., FreshBites Cafe

RapidQR is awesome! I made my first QR code in minutes, and it was super easy to use. I can track how many people scan it, which is really cool for my small business. Totally recommend!

Jefrey M., Creative Spark

I love using RapidQR for my marketing campaigns. It's so simple to create codes and the designs are nice. Tracking feature helps me know what works. And it's all free, which is amazing! Only thing is I wish they had more design options, but still great!

S Kumar, Techzone Electronics

RapidQR is very good tool. I use it for my shop and it helps a lot. Easy to make QR codes and see how many customers scan them. Everything is free, even dynamic QR codes. Sometimes site a bit slow but overall very useful.


Answers for your common questions

You can tailor your QR code's style, colors, and logo using the customization options available on the RapidQR platform.

Static QR codes are free and never expire. Dynamic QR codes also offer free creation with additional features for advanced usage, You need to create free account for them.

Barcodes streamline inventory, labeling, and tracking processes, enhancing efficiency in managing products.

Yes, RapidQR offers pixel tracking as part of its dynamic QR code solutions. Here's how it works with RapidQR: Generate a Dynamic QR Code: Create a dynamic QR code using RapidQR. Embed Tracking Pixel: During the setup, embed a tracking pixel (such as Facebook Pixel or Google Analytics) into the QR code. Deploy and Monitor: Share or print the QR code. When users scan it, the tracking pixel collects data on their interactions. Access Analytics: Use the RapidQR dashboard to monitor and analyze the collected data, providing insights into user behavior and campaign performance. By integrating pixel tracking with dynamic QR codes, RapidQR allows businesses to track scans, measure engagement, and refine their marketing strategies based on detailed analytics.

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Super easy & highly customizable static or dynamic QR codes.


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